Elevate your Photography

Investing in yourself and your talent is such a crucial asset and investment! Allow Janessa to help you take your photography to the next level! 

1:1 Mentoring:


Janessa offers an intimate 1:1 classroom style and hands-on 2 day education course for photographers wanting to improve their shooting skills, creativity, editing and also expand their horizons! This mentorship is guaranteed to give you the knowledge and boost of confidence you’ve been waiting for! So what are you waiting for? Get the scoop below. (Please read everything carefully). 


Get ready to take portraiture to a whole new level. You will get the chance to work personally with Janessa while she teaches you all of the skills that are required to create beautiful fine art imagery.



Cost: $2,000 USD

Non refundable retainer: $600 USD (due at the time of booking)

Remainder: $1,400 USD (due 30 days before mentoring date) the final payment will be invoiced. 




If you need financing, please contact the studio and we will send you all of the financing information so you can get scheduled right away! 


Please Note:

Local mileage restrictions do apply. 

* Janessa and her staff will verify the required mileage restrictions so please be aware that you must be outside of a 150 mile radius from the Visions by Janessa studio Headquarters.

LOCATION: Gridley, California 

* Any inadvertent deposits made which violate the mileage restrictions will be refunded upon verification of your address. (And Janessa’s team thoroughly checks)
We appreciate your understanding and look forward to meeting you. 

There are currently no group discounts offered and each student must pay for their seat individually. 

TIME: Class starts at 8:00am and ends at 5:00 pm on both days. 

*Breakfast, Snacks, refreshments and lunch will be provided 
*Hands on shooting with live models 
*All images you can use in your portfolio with exception of tagging Janessa as your mentor (you still get bragging rights, but Janessa loves mentorship referrals) 
*Introduction to studio lighting, camera equipment and editing equipment
*Camera settings 
*Posing, transitions & angles 
*Directing models
*Multiple lighting setups and explanations of different types of flattering lighting 
*Hands on education and editing along with a separate video you will have access to indefinitely. (VIDEO CANNOT BE SHARED WITH ANYONE ELSE). 

Students should have a clear understanding of aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Students will learn how to achieve amazing shots straight-out-of-the-camera.

*DSLR camera. Lenses 50mm, or 24-70mm (recommended). If you don’t have the funds to purchase them, we highly recommend renting them for the class. 
*Basic knowledge of Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop 
*Memory cards, camera battery charger

If you need to cancel after any payment us made, you will need to sell your seat in order to receive a refund. Janessa will not arrange the sale of a seat

Attendees are responsible for their own lodging and travel to and from workshop.

As soon as your deposit is made Janessa or someone from the studio will contact you within 48 hours so that we may set a date that works for everyone.

We appreciate your interest and look forward to working with you and welcoming you into the Visions by Janessa Photography family!

Please contact the studio by emailing education@visionsbyjanessaphotography.com