Pregnancy and motherhood are important things that should be celebrated. In recent years, people have come up with more creative ways to commemorate the special chapter in their life and immortalizing these momentous occasions through photos has become highly in demand. As such, it is crucial to seek the help of experts in Fine Art Portraiture, such as Visions by Janessa Photography. 

The sought-after photography company, specializing in maternity, newborn, and child photoshoots, is owned and run by multi-award-winning celebrity photographer Janessa Taber. Janessa’s headquarters is based in the small quaint town of Historical Downtown Gridley, California and her secondary studio location in Rancho Santa Margarita, California. 

What motivated the gifted photographer and artist to create her brand is her love for art and portraiture. Janessa attributes her passion for photography to her father, Donald Taber, who gave her her first-ever camera when she was only six years old. Since then, the young girl became fascinated with taking pictures, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Aside from her father, another family member was instrumental in developing her creativity and passion for the arts. When her younger sister Ashley Taber performed as a theater actress, Janessa would closely observe how stage sets were created and painted. It was there that she became interested in details, lighting, and other aspects of art.

Over the years, the dedicated woman honed her craft and enhanced her skills with the support of her husband Paul Deniz of Biggs CA, she has now become one of the most coveted photographers and artists in her field. She has also earned the recognition of several award-giving bodies, including winning the $5000.00 photography contest paid for by Procter & Gamble's Charmin Toilet Paper in 2004. Her work even appeared on the covers of several magazines like Sacramento Parent Magazine. Janessa also recently won Yuba-Sutter’s BEST Photographer of 2021 making her one of the leading photographers in the Northern California region of the photography  industry. 

While most of the players in the industry purchase generic backdrops that look the same, Janessa is known for creating breathtaking hand-painted child-like backdrops named after the children she paints them for. Her creations are guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind as the talented artist either keeps them or gives them to her clients and their family. This unmatched passion and dedication for her craft are what separates Visions by Janessa Photography from the rest of the competition.

Because of her unparalleled expertise, the seasoned photographer and her brand cater to a massive clientele. People from all walks of life and even celebrities like Jon Lovitz, Kaylee Starr, Kristy Osmunson, Angel Salazar, and Farrah Abraham and Hollywood stunt actress, Michelle Elise Shock have commissioned her work. On top of that, she has worked across the country and has had clients travel to her as far as Mexico.

Visions by Janessa Photography remains to be the authority in high-end newborn and maternity photography. It continues to redefine the industry not only by providing superb photographs but also by offering excellent services and personalized backdrops.

Moving forward, Janessa Taber hopes to work with more clients and expand her business. But most importantly, she aims to continue helping her clients bring their visions to life and give them a meaningful keepsake that they will cherish for the rest of their lives. 

Written by: Johnny Bigg, LOS ANGELES WIRE

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